Dhyana Meditation

All of us are striving for happiness and we are trying our best to achieve the happiness through comforts and by pleasing our senses through pleasure seeking ideas, acts, indulgence which results in unhappiness.

Vedanta or ancient Indian scared scripture says " HAPPINESS IS NOT OUTSIDE OR IN OUR SENSES " It is inside within us! It is an inward manifestation. Meditation is a method to control the wavering mind to stillness and achieve the virtues of mind.

Mechanism Of Meditation


Guided Meditation level 1: Contemplation on an object either internal or external. Step by step guidance. (Simple lectures prior to meditation)

Guided Meditation level 2: Melting in to meditation and being there in meditation (Placement meditation more internal)

Our Meditation session are held in a serene atmosphere of our studios.Participants usually feel effortless and relaxed during the session .We journey them avoiding tense and pressure during the process of meditation.Typically our meditation participants or students say "yes it extremely works! I feel far better"

Practioners feel lightness at the mind level because of silence created within the mind during concentration and that leads deeper concentration called meditation.