Yoga Classes

  • Vinyasa 1:

    Body movements synchronize with breath is called Vinyasa which is said in Sanskrit. This class creates flexibility and builds strength and develops concentration to benefits the body by flushing out the toxins. This sequence is derived from Patabhi Jois.

  • Yoga for Pain :

    Shoulder, pelvis, hips, hamstrings, , muscular pain, pains at different parts of the body due to various reasons are treated during this classes, strictly those who are having those pain conditions are allowed to do this classes

  • Rhythmic Flow :

    This is asana flow practice which allows you to take deep inhale and exhale to release the inbuilt stress on daily basis and improves your performance for the day or next.

  • Restorative :

    Is just relaxing yoga posture practice to sooth the nervous system to dissolve the tightness around the body. We use props, blankets, pillows, bolsters, chairs to support the practice; this enables students to stay longer in the yoga postures.

  • Wall rope yoga:

    Wall rope yoga is introduced by BKS Iyengar for those who feel difficult to achieve the lift the body in to different angles, this uses wall rope and blankets to help less pressure on the muscles and bring the ability to achieve many postures.

  • Wall Yoga:

    Wall for the support to practice yoga postures and maintain the alignments. Hand balance, triangles, inversions, back bends, twists are practiced to enhances the asana development for the students.

  • Body Basics (for all levels) :

    This class is a combination of asana and dynamic loosening exercises Cardiopulmonary functions included with strength, flexibility and balance. It is a perfect combination of yoga postures and vyayama.

  • Healing Class:

    Human beings are born with healing abilities, most of the time people don’t realize it because of modern day stress and one gets lost in day to day stress to believe he or she has the healing power within, it is hard to relax therefore the healing is difficult, Healing Yoga aims to calm our mind and release the negative pressure and emotion inside our body. Healing yoga calms the mind, releases the negativity, and clears the emotional blocks. This class has numerous lying down, sitting poses included with breath movements, slow and restorative

  • Hatha 1

    Hatha comes from “ha” – solar (+) and “tha” – lunar (-), and it is the harmonious union of the two opposite aspects in the human body. The practice of yoga postures (Asana) aims to open and purify the energy centers (Chakras) and energy channels (Nadis). It is a standard, all levels class. Excellent conditioning for the body, breath and mind is Ideal for everyone.

  • Yin yoga

    Meditative deep stretch and hold on for particular period of 1-2 minutes withstanding the stretch pain. Applies long passive holds to work on bones and joint structures. This practice increases flexibility and mental energy.

  • Hot Healing (for all levels):

    A healing class taught in a heated room. It is an ideal practice for flushing the body of toxins and increasing flexibility.

  • Yoga Alignment

    Precision about yoga postures and the way of positioning the body for alignment, the beauty of a yoga posture is in its alignment, the alignments make the body look beauty as whole. Students will know the structure of the body. Teacher will guide and show a yoga posture its way and position to achieve the alignment and maximum benefits from the pose and avoid injury.

  • Trataka

    Is an eye gazing technique for improving concentration and eye sight , it has great benefits for those who have anxiety, depression, and other habitual disorders, improves memory and gives great relief from insomnia.

  • Yoga Therapy :

    Yoga therapy addresses your health on all levels using simple physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and short meditation. Learning the techniques allows practitioners to maintain better overall health, improve awareness and bring forth the healing effects.

  • Pranayama (for all levels) :

    Prana means life force or chi in Chinese, it is magnetic energy of human being and also all pervading, Pranayama is literally means “breath control” practioners connect within their mind, body and spirit through pranayama. It cleanses the toxins accumulated within and energies the body, mind by increasing the flow of prana.

  • Meditations:

    All of us are striving for happiness and we are trying our best to achieve the happiness through comforts and by pleasing our senses through pleasure seeking ideas, acts, indulgence which results in unhappiness. Vedanta or ancient scripture says ‘’ HAPPINESS IS NOT OUTSIDE OR IN OUR SENSE PLEASURES’’ It is inside within us! It is an inward manifestation Meditation is a method to control the wavering mind to stillness and achieve the virtues of mind stillness.

  • Guided Meditation level 1:

    Contemplation on an object either internal or external. Step by step guidance. (Simple lectures prior to meditation)

  • Guided Meditation Level 2:

    Melting in to meditation and being there in meditation (Placement meditation more internal) Meditation ultimately gives us the happiness because mind is avoiding the jumbling thoughts. Individual feel lightness at the mind level because of silence created within the mind. Our meditation classes are effortless and guidance of being in a relaxed state during meditation by avoiding tense and pressure while doing the practice. Overall we guide and make the participants to feel happy and say “Yes it really works! I feel much better “

  • Hatha 1 :

    The class level is between Hatha1 (60mins) and Hatha2 (90mins).Practitioners should have over one year of yoga experience before taking Hatha1 (75mins). Hatha comes from “ha – solar (+) and tha (-), and it is the harmonious union of the two opposite aspects in the human body. The practice opens the left and right channels and activates the energy circulation and creates a balance with in the chakras to purify the physical and non-physical bodies. Hatha yoga is a standard practice of yoga techniques throughout the world.

  • Hatha 1 Sivananda Style :

    Swami Sivananda is one of the greatest yoga masters of the entire world, his teachings emphasis in six words: serve, Love, Give, Purify, meditate, realize. His advice on yoga practice transforms poor health in healthy body, strong and flexible to achieve the highest goals in life. He has synthesized yoga in an integral manner to achieve happiness and success in one’s life. It is well balanced yoga sequences of kapalabhati, nadishodhana, inverted poses, forward bends, backward bends, twists, balance, and standing poses.

  • Intermediate Level 2 :

  • Hatha 2 :

    Class starts with basic sequences as taught in Hatha 1 and then melts in deep stretch conditioning for the body, breath and mind. Participants should have at least 6 moths practice.