Yoga @ Your Residence


We come to your residence whether it is your Home, Hotel, or Club house.

Reasons for choosing yoga at their residence

1. Time savings and management 2. It provides more personal space to share their health history and the teacher to design a suitable class for their need. 3. one to three family members can take the classes for the same price. 4. We provide highly skilled Indian yoga masters for your personal classes. 5. Your mind body goals and its achievements will be well addressed through our special attentions and care in designing suitable techniques for you. 6. Group studio classes are not suitable for all at different age groups put together in a class.


Classes we offer at your residences

Hatha 1, Hatha 2, Flow yoga , Healing Yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga vinyasa, Power yoga 1,2 , Chakra yoga, Yoga for mental depression, yoga for anxiety, yoga for weight reduction, yoga for elderly at home, Meditations level 1,2 , Yoga Therapy (for entire spine, neck, low back, digestive gastritis, acid reflux, liver , gall bladder problems, thyroid problems, hip, knee, shoulder problems etc.….) Please call master Loganathan 97634105 for more info on to the disease treating through yoga…

50% OFFER on first yoga class @ your residence And if you are satisfied then you can buy our attractive packages.

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