Yoga @ Your Offices


Why the need for yoga classes at your office?

Yoga at your office is a mind body wellness concept that every corporate organization should offer to their staffs to combat modern life style related health issues... Mostly sitting long hours can cause musculoskeletal health hazards and Obesity, Eye disorders, Low back muscle weakness which promote to the disc degeneration, muscle spasms, cervical spondylitis, trigger fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, impaired circulation leads to mental depressions, and the target oriented work pressures leads to Anxiety and overall many mind body health issues are inevitable. Research has proven that yoga is effective for the modern day stress related with psycho somatic disorders... Western countries are implementing yoga relaxation, asana, and pranayama sessions during the work time...


How Workplace Yoga Differs from Studio Classes

Definitely the office staffs are inflexible to attend the yoga classes at the studios due to their work load and timely return to their houses to get ready for next day office routine. So considering their inability for providing a time outside their office we are delivering yoga sessions to the various offices at Central, Kowloon bay, kwun tong, Tsim Sha stui... Studio class is designed for a normal people with general yoga sequences which will not be that suitable for the office people because their energy expenditure is different from other people... We have a well-designed yoga techniques and sequences for office staffs that benefits, musculoskeletal issues, sleep quality, reduction of body weight, remove pains from the body joints, helps to get rid of anxiety, and a state of mental depression, skin allergies

How is our class designed for corporates?

We consider the physical body on the office chair in front of monitor for 10 hours and its energy expenditure, mind energy, eyes , back and neck and digestion power etc. . Our classes designed in a way that the staffs will get maximum benefits from our yoga techniques... We provide special yoga techniques for office staffs...

Book our Yoga Masters

We give attractive packages for office staffs that make the staff to take more yoga sessions to feel healthy...

First session is free with yoga Work shop

we provide only high standard Indian yoga masters who are well qualified and experienced.

Namaste Yoga

We thank you for taking the time to get to know about our Namaste yoga academy what we can offer. We are operating our yoga school for 10 years in Hong Kong.


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