Private Yoga


Private yoga session @ homes with master Loganathan

Big yoga studios with more number of students does not match your needs, you may need proper alignments for your body, and it is difficult for group yoga teacher to give attention to correct you during the big group classes or even small number of group sessions, you may be inclined simply what others do in front and side of you and if the person next to you doing incorrectly then you are also making mistakes and doing the postures incorrectly.

Our Private yoga teachers will show you the correct for of yoga postures step by step and explain the alignment and see your limitations to correct and add up on your performances to achieve the optimal level to the perfection in each and every yoga postures that benefits you greatly, this learning points will be life time understanding and implementing in your daily life. They will work innovatively with props and different methods to bring in the perfection you need.

Sharing your personal Mind body history

Stress , anxiety, chronic ailments, injuries and other life style factors can be shared to design a perfect sequences to benefit you at all level of your life aa whole.

Our teachers are trained well at private yoga counseling and assessments for designing the yoga techniques to benefit our private yoga participants.

Our private Yoga Master Loganathan classes are confident boosters.

Those who want to accomplish HEAD STAND, HAND BALANCE, SPLITS, and BACK BENDS are not having enough confidence to achieve it because of lack of confidence and not trained with expert teachers made the low confidence to not attempt such advance yoga postures. So our teachers are experienced and expertise in training our students to that achievements of advance yoga through private yoga session.

We offer good package prices in the Hong Kong city providing quality yoga teachers for your mind body transformation.

Candidates Book Private Yoga Classes for Variety of Reasons

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