Teacher Training:


Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong

Namaste yoga academy Hong Kong conducts Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses with high standard syllabus in flexible modules. Yoga practioners who is been learning for 3 to 6 months can enroll in to our courses. Those who are very new to yoga and suppose to start yoga as beginners are even eligible for the courses.

Advantage of being trained from us is we integrate the yogic science from Traditional lineages of various Indian schools and yogashalas for developing our students for more clarity in the field of yoga. Our Teachers belong to traditional lineages with great experience and deep yoga knowledge. You can be the best teacher only if you trained from all round value based, skill based, and knowledge based yoga teachers.

Namaste Yoga Hong Kong offers 200hrs, 300hrs, 500hrs, RPYS 100, RCYS100 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong which is suited for Yoga practioners of all levels. This TTC course is good for those who are interested to become a Yoga Teacher, those who want to switch their career in the field of yoga or those who are looking to explore deeper in to yoga. This academic Yoga education will be taught by experienced yoga masters from India.

This course will make you understand exactly what is yoga? What is Hatha Yoga? What is Ashtanga Yoga? What are the different styles of yoga? Why so many styles of yoga today? What should be practiced exactly? What should be understood exactly? Traditional Indian lineages are very important for both theory and practice why? Why is Hatha yoga very important? Clarity from these questions will make you understand why it is important to study Yoga course from Indian masters to get certifications. Our inspiring yoga masters will deliver the courses understanding the students’ levels and motivate all of them to learn the techniques efficiently. Our course is unparalleled and extremely valuable when it comes to fully immersing yourself in empowering and transforming your inner connections to higher levels.

Why Join Namaste Yoga Hong Kong?

Our course is designed with high quality standards and quality content by including such as Anatomy & Physiology, Pranayama, Kriyas, Chanting, Mantra, Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Ethics, Life style, and other traditional yoga techniques. We have designed some of the extra customized foundations teachings on naturopathy and emotion cleansing methods so that the students when become a teacher will know the fundamental to teach yoga in right way.

Emotional blockage cleansing for our Yoga Trainees:

Emotions are the deciding factors in one’s life in his or her personal growth. Emotional gets blocked when the emotions are suppressed because of society. Consider a teacher who is learning 200hrs yoga TTC without cleansing his /her emotional blocks and not fulfilling their emotional quest , unhappiness, lack of mental wellness due to hidden emotional blocks and she/he become yoga teacher 200hrs or 500hrs is of no use and their classes will be less energy , lack of clarity and motivations.

5 elements knowledge and its teachings for our Yoga Trainees

We train our students in knowing the 5 elemental principles of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. We let them train to heal themselves through naturopathic techniques which help them boost their energy levels. This extra syllabus module will allow our students to connect with 5 elements to rebalance their mind and body.

One to One interaction session for Personal inner queries and their answers.

During the course we have sessions with each student for getting their inner questions about yoga practice, self-development, emotional blocks, concerns or curiosity about their meditation and spiritual journey. We make students feel supported and guided in this new phase of their life. As above said we guide students to empower the hidden potentials through personal interactions and teach them techniques to get rid of their mental afflictions if any, and transform them to become qualified skillful teachers with great confidence and self-esteem while they receive final certification from us.